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May 30th, 2017

Contact: Karen Burmeister

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Durable, colorful, flexible, easy to clean. Don’t just cover your stethoscope—Protect it!”

North Brunswick NJ—May 30, 2017. The recently launched company SCARD LLC proudly introduces their new line of reusable and easy-to-clean stethoscope guards, developed by medical professionals.

Thanks to the SCARD stethoscope guard, healthcare workers may no longer face the prospect of having to buy a new stethoscope every few years, due to cracked or hardened tubing. The SCARD stethoscope guard is composed of a high-grade silicone, which helps to protect delicate rubber stethoscope tubing. Now favorite stethoscopes can last much longer.

Plus, these colorful stethoscope guards allow the user to change the color of their stethoscope to match their uniform or mood. And since the guards are easily sanitized and dry quickly, there is no need for Healthcare professionals to worry about bringing germs into their locker, medical bag or home environment.

The introductory line carries some of the hottest neon colors and in the future, the company says they will be adding swirled colors and patterns. All SCARD stethoscope guards are easily applied over the existing stethoscope tubing and can be just as easily removed for more extensive cleaning or swapping out other colors. At the low cost of $24.99 each, healthcare workers can buy one for every day of the week, for the same price as a top of line stethoscope.

SCARD LLC received their patent in 2015 for their original stethoscope guard design. Their stethoscope guards are made to fit most single tube stethoscopes and customers can trim them to the desired length, if needed.

The SCARD website is www.scardstore.com and offers other easy to sanitize accessories designed with healthcare professionals in mind.

SCARD LLC is launching their e-commerce site on May 30th 2017 and they will be holding numerous social media contests to give away Stethoscope guards to participants.



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